Establishing a new TV Channel in the Middle East
ROOTS Solutions® is a consultancy firm specialized in the IT domain, focusing on VAS services related to the communications industry and broadcasting expertise in terms of equipping and setting the correct workflow to have a successful TV project.

During our years of experience we entertained full and partial setup of successful TV channels ranging in types from entertainment, general news, religious, sports and multi-purpose channels. Our clients were able to have successful launching in various locations and mainly in Lebanon, Bahrain, Belgium, Egypt, Jordan and Dubai. Some of these were hosted in media cities and others had their own private setup.

Moreover, and in partnership with key industry players, we were able to provide our clients with content of various natures, among which was News Archive Material, connections to financial and news agencies, Religious and entertainment clips, Arabic and international series and movies, etc… And again we were able to provide these with appropriate graphical identities and branded their channels.

  1. Location, space broadcasting segment and premises

  2. Equipments

  3. Content, Material and Live broadcasting media with copyrights.

  4. Graphical Identity and Channel Branding

  5. Recruitment, training and support

Location, space broadcasting segment and premises
As mentioned in the introduction, establishing a TV channel in the Middle East has several options regarding the location, nevertheless the most expensive and difficult licensing wise is unfortunately Lebanon. Following are the alternatives:
  • Egypt: Cairo Media City (NileSat)

  • Jordan: Amman Media City (ARABSAT )

  • Bahrain: Bahrain Media City (NOORSAT)

  • UAE: Dubai Media City and Fujairah Media City (ARABSAT)

Broadcasting from any other location will require and Up-Link to connect to any of the above mentioned locations, in addition to renting a space segment that could range from 1.5MB (Low Quality) bandwidth to 3 MB (good quality)

The Media Cities provide facilities like Play-outs and studios. Also they don’t require an up-link or a local link (microwave) since it s broadcasted on location.’

Another interesting alternative would be to have a combination whereby the TV can broadcast from a Media City and have some programs recorded or transmitted live during the day and based on a schedule from Lebanon, for example.

Last alternative for Lebanon would be to get hosting from local based broadcasting facilities. Examples: Studio Vision, Orbit, or other cheaper smaller setups available.

If a new location has to be set, it must be fit to host studios and thereby lighting and sound proofing isolation.

Equipments are divided into four Main sections with estimates:
  • Play-Out / Ingest / Storage equipments

  • Post production and Editing Equipments

  • Broadcasting and Character Generating Pre-Production

  • Studio Lighting, cameras, mixers, and Control rooms

  • Miscellaneous : Computers, TV Monitors, LCD’s, VCR players/recorders

Content, Material and Live broadcasting media with copyrights
Content is available from Lebanon and Egypt. We can provide you with all of the following  content:
  • Video Clips :  with rights ranging up to 4 years

  • Egyptian Series: with rights ranging up to 4 years

  • Egyptian Movies: with rights ranging up to 3 years

  • Religious content: with rights ranging up to 5 years

Graphical Identity and Channel Branding
  • TV Promotions

  • TV Bumpers

  • TV Identity

  • TV Sound identity + mastering and recording

Recruitment, training and support
Fully tailor made to your objective needs

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