Maintenance AND Support
Managing complexity, mitigating risks, and controlling costs of today's solutions has become increasingly important when considering your IT strategy. The optimization of your operations and solution landscape is a key to becoming a best-run business.

ROOTS SOLUTIONS support delivers the skills and resources you need to optimize the performance of your solution and manage your business processes more effectively.

ROOTS SOLUTIONS support can assist you in deploying a full, end-to-end solution operations strategy that allows you to adapt existing solutions to changing market and business requirements – and take advantage of the new innovations that will make your business more successful. We can help you reduce the total cost of operations of your IT infrastructure and enable you to accelerate and maximize your efficiency on investment in ROOTS solutions services.

ROOTS SOLUTIONS support provide a complete portfolio of maintenance offerings a comprehensive range of services that enable you to continually improve core business processes while leveraging your existing solutions.

ROOTS guarantees a 24/7/365 maintenance services to optimize the way you operate and support your ROOTS software solutions. Including continuous quality checks, support advisory, and advanced support for implementing enhancement packages and update packages.

ROOTS SOLUTIONS is a consultancy firm specialized in the IT domain, focusing on VAS services related to the communications industry and broadcasting expertise in terms of equipping and setting the correct workflow to have a successful TV project.

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